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amanda_sheree: (pumpkins)
Saturday, May 9th, 2015 11:00 pm
Yesterday, I finished my new draft of Inevitable Dusk. I'd say that about 85% of it is totally rewritten. I have tons of editing to do and plot holes, etc. to fix, but the first step is done!

So, I'm going to set aside the draft for a couple weeks (which will take self-restraint) before tackling editing to get a little distance from it. Maybe even for a month.

For now, I'll probably resume work on Unquenchable, which is the first book in my chick-lit series. It's a more lighthearted story than Inevitable Dusk. I'll also try to do some more substantial plotting for the sequel to Inevitable Dusk, tentatively to be called Through a Mirror Dimly.
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Friday, November 9th, 2012 12:02 am
I had several days of no writing.  D'oh!  But my brother came to visit and we had a lot of fun.  We saw Wreck-It Ralph and adored it; I recommend it, and I loved the nods to some of my beloved video games (mostly older ones.  My brother is up-to-date with newer stuff).

My back pain has been through the roof.  Even sleeping is very painful, whether on either side or flat on my back.  I'll probably try to ice it again when I go to bed.  Maybe a chiropractor would help; I don't know.  I'm having my neck and shoulder pains as well.  Adam helped loosen up my tension--he's a strong guy--and the pressure on my neck and shoulders hurt but it alleviated some of the pain.  He was shocked at how dang tense I am.  It's like my shoulders are made of cement.  Grandma's good at loosening up my muscles, too.  I might buy another heat pad, or improvise, but sometimes heat worsens it.

Anyway.  We got rain today, which made me happy.  I had the perfect writing conditions: Rain; caffeine-filled, icy, slushy Diet Pepsi Cherry soda; my writing playlist; and a purring Annie.  I've managed to get in over 2,000 words throughout the day.

Word Count

Today: 2,144
Total: 5,626

Tsirris is now at over 81,000 words.
amanda_sheree: Tsirris and Olian are from one of my stories (Tsirris and Olian)
Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 03:40 am
My NaNo stats:

Project: Tsirris

Word Count
Day One: 1,736
Day Two: 1,746
Total: 3,482

If I work on Abby's story this month, I'll specify.
amanda_sheree: Tsirris and Olian are from one of my stories (Tsirris and Olian)
Friday, November 2nd, 2012 04:04 pm
Happy NaNoWriMo, everyone!  This year, I'm working on two projects I've already started.  Last night, I wrote over 1,750 1,730 words for Tsirris, and I hope for a similar word count today.  I might work on Abby's story intermittently.