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Sunday, August 28th, 2011 07:11 pm
For a long time, I've meant to make a Sticky post for this journal; I'm finally getting around to it.

I categorize my entries here into several broad topics. I'll go over the main ones.

Category one: "Prompts" and "Flash Fictions." Almost always, I set these entries to Public. They typically contain short, original fiction; I aim for 250 words in the flash fictions, although sometimes I go significantly over (I don't very often go under). I usually set the same word count range for prompts, as well. The prompts can come from multiple sources: flash fiction memes, personal prompts (I have some in mind), and prompts from friends or elsewhere on the Internet.

Category two: "Writing." These posts involve my personal writing projects, especially my novel-length and novella-length ones. When I talk about word count or very general pieces of information (like, "This one [story] is coming along slowly," "This one wants to be a dystopia," "X character is becoming so bold," and such), I set these entries to Public. Whenever I give specifics or go in-depth, the entries will be set to Access List Only.

Category three: "Characters and World-building." As I develop my worlds and characters, I may post about them in Access List Only entries and sometimes Private. These posts can include character surveys, physical descriptions, personalities, habits, speech patterns, etc., etc., etc.

Category four: "Life Stuff." These are the entries in which I talk about personal things, whether about the weather, my latest outings, my friends and family, or what-have-you. Depending on content matter, these posts may be either Public or Access List Only.

Category five: "Reading." I will discuss current novels, autobiographies, etc. that I am reading at the time or that I have just finished reading. I may make recommendations. If I ever post spoilers, they will be preceded by a warning that is followed by a cut. These will probably be Public.

Category six: "Entertainment." I will discuss entertainment outside of reading, such as movies and television, in this category. These will probably be Public.

Aaand, that's a basic rundown.


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